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Poster: craven714 Date: Jun 4, 2008 3:49pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: One Drummer Stuff

Yeah man, I was watching some Tivoli April 17th of 1972 last night and I was just amazed (again) with Bills chops.
Being a drummer for 25+- years now, and watching that footage, I notice some of those same Bill fills (somewhat repetitive at times) can never be reproduced. I know someone on here called it "stop on a dime" Dead. And Billy has said something to the effect of "the rolls and the fills aren't made/manufactured, they are created, they live with the music being made at the time."

Watching Billy 72 last night, I was surprised to see that his drum sticks just don't splinter into fucking toothpicks
It reinforces the fact that there is no other like him~~period.
(does writing"period" make the "." obsolete? How does that works?)

But to my point: This is a tough one for some people. Micky bashers make me sick. I agree that Billy as a solo drummer for those years made the Dead unique, for those years. And remind you that Donnas "screeching" made them quite unique (read: unlistenable) quite a few times too.

So, you can't deny Mickys influence. The rest of the band didn't. I love 72-74. But can you imagine, say, a 1991 Giants Stadium show with Billy and his 5 piece kit with 4 other musicians on the stage? Here is where all the problems are: Some people can honestly say, "yeah, I would much rather see that." And thats their opinion which you don't have to agree with, but you must have some respect for it. But history does not agree. That is why Micky and Bills influences and individual efforts must be celebrated collectively and seperately. And the argument can still continue for some people, but I have figured it out; be grateful for one and both when ever possible.
There is a reason 1973 is 1973, and 1991 is 1991 and all inbetween.

BTW air, still got your email addy, and will get in touch witcha some time before the Phil show.